Oct. 2 – 8 is Launch Week for The Compassionate City Charter

The Compassionate City charter is a newly created and fantastic community endeavor, spear-headed by our friend, Bonnie Tompkins, who is very well-respected in her field of Palliative Care.

We were thrilled to hear of the wonderful initiatives that Bonnie has been diligently working on over the past year to increase awareness and utilization of both existing and new Palliative Care resources throughout Burlington.

This cause is near and dear to our hearts, as we have been affected by the loss of a loved one and deeply value the making the palliative process as peaceful as possible for all parties.

So please spread the word or come out to events taking place during their Launch Week, Oct. 2 – 8! If you have any questions, please contact Bonnie Tompkins at 905.631.9994 ext. 138 or commhlthcoord@thecarpenterhospice.com

Rocca Sisters & Associates make Top 20 Teams!

We made it in the Top 20 Teams in the Top 20 for Volume & Units Sold in Canada, according to the latest issue of Real Estate Professional (REP)!

Have a look at the full Article here…https://issuu.com/keymedia/docs/rep_2.03_emag-ipad?e=1100026/39130345



Newspaper print advertising still effective

With the significant rise in digital media over the past several years, it is a common misconception that community newspaper advertising is no longer relevant. It is, however, simply not the case and, in fact, interest in community newspapers remain strong.

According to the recent Community Newspaper Readership Report, a readership survey prepared by research firm BrandSpark International, approximately 82 per cent of residents have read at least one of the past four issues of the Oakville Beaver.

More than 13,000 Ontario residents in more than 100 Ontario communities were studied to measure readership by way of blind phone and online survey.

The survey revealed that most readers in Oakville who have read at least one of the last four issues of the Beaver, are spending 15-29 minutes reading it (42 per cent), proceeding from 29 per cent who spent under 15 minutes, 19 per cent who spent 30-44 minutes, four per cent who spent 45-59 minutes and six per cent who spent an hour or more.

Compared to last year, 10 per cent of Oakville readers are also reading the paper more often, 85 per cent have kept their reading habits and three per cent read it less frequently.

“The findings in this report clearly indicate that our community still very much enjoys the printed copy of their local newspaper, says Cathy Rocca, “considering the amount of people who read it as well as the time they spend reading or browsing through it.”

What’s more, printed newspapers are more likely to reach prospects who aren’t searching, and to nudge them into the market, while digital content excels at reaching buyers active searching for content.

“The way in which people read newspapers contributes to newspaper advertising effectiveness,” Cathy goes on to say. “Since many newspaper readers tend to browse, we can more easily reach people who aren’t actively searching for a home, but are still potential buyers.”

“The average person may not be actively looking for a new home when they sit down to browse through the weekend paper,” says Tanya Rocca. “They might simply just be sitting around on an ordinary Saturday morning and enjoying a cup of coffee and decide to flip through the paper.”

Online real estate advertising works, but properties sell faster and achiever higher prices when printed newspapers are included in the advertising plan.

“There is no question properties advertised in printed newspapers, in addition to online advertising, improve sales outcomes,” says Cathy.

And this translates to higher prices, an increase in success rates, and less time on the market.

“Our aggressive marketing and advertising campaigns have consistently proven that advertising in printed newspapers in addition to online advertising improves sales results compared to online only campaigns, and our success rate speaks to this strategy.”

Not only does The Rocca Sisters & Associates offer their clients a comprehensive media strategy, but are clearly set apart from other real estate firms with their strong commitment, passion and significant investment to leverage specialized markets, leading to driving interest and bolstering activity.

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