Benefits of Downsizing

Have you noticed the shift towards smaller living spaces? More and more home buyers are looking to downsize in an effort to simplify their lives – for them, it’s not always that bigger is better. Whether you and your partner are empty nesters or if there’s been a change in your career, here are the benefits of making the leap and buying a smaller home.

You’ll save money on additional furniture. Bigger spaces require more furniture to make them look full. Once you move to a small home you’ll only need to bring the furniture that is necessary.

In a smaller home, residents often find that they have more time to spend with their families. There is less upkeep required including cleaning, maintenance and gardening.

Your energy costs will dip. Heating, cooling as well as water can make running a large home costly. Your decision to downsize will not only be eco-friendly, but you’ll be enjoying lower electricity bills, most significantly during summer and winter months.

What’s more, is that we’re here to help you make this transition to a smaller home run smoothly. Over the years we enjoyed helping thousands of clients including seniors look for homes that are more suitable to their needs.

We are nationally recognized Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES) and are specially trained to lead senior clients who are 55 years plus in meeting their growing demands and special needs in selling or buying a home. We share our extensive knowledge with our clients and let them know how to best invest in real estate. This is just one of the many life events and topics we assist clients through.

For more information about downsizing to a smaller home, email or call us directly at 905-335-4102 to talk to one of our Senior Real Estate Specialists. We look forward to providing you with an experience that is not just the best, but remarkable!

Mothers Day reflections from working moms

As we ponder Mother’s Day, we remember with fondness our own mother, Joan, the matriarch and strength of our family. An inspiration in all that we do. We also realize, sometimes with trepidation, that we are now the light for our generation of little ones. We have the profound role of being “mom” to those tiny people that we have brought into the world.

Cathy is proud mother to son Gianluca and daughter Vienna; and Tanya is mother to daughters Quinlan and Alissa. Real Estate is a demanding profession, there is no 9-5, no weekends off. Likewise, motherhood is, as it should be, all encompassing. So we are constantly working on perfecting work-life balance. While there is no way to be a perfect mom, there are a million ways to be a good one. Here are a few tips for our fellow moms in time for Mother’s Day:

  1. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.
  2. Remember to take time to live life, it will inspire your work
  3. Schedule your priorities – this will keep you on track
  4. Make time for serendipity – when the unexpected pops up, go with the flow
  5. Build your community – friends & family will help you if you just say “please”
  6. Enjoy the great outdoors – crucial with little ones
  7. Exercise – make this a priority!
  8. Bend the rules – that’s right, you’re in charge!
  9. Say “no” and move on

So to all of the mothers in the world who are juggling the needs of many, you need to feel confident in the choices you make, measure yourself against your goals and feel proud of your achievements. Your children look up to you to provide them with a road map in life, so throw your best self out there, and the universe will reward you.

Speaking of scheduling priorities, grab your calendar and set a reminder for Kite Festival on Sunday, June 4th from 11am – 4pm at Brant Hills Park. Join us as we “Let Fun Take Flight” with free kite building and decorating, face painting, balloon animals, magic and more! This annual event runs rain or shine and is a fabulous community event. Hope to see you there.

Essential tips for relocating during the school year

Relocating your family has its challenges, but it can be especially stressful if you are moving to an entirely different neighbourhood during the school year. In addition to packing up the contents of your home, it’s important to get familiarized with your new surroundings, register your child for school, and manage any feelings of anxiety they may be experiencing.

If you have a family and are considering relocating during the school year, there are a few things you should know to make your relocation as stress-free as possible.

  1. Research Schools that are Nearby

Start by researching nearby schools to see at what point they accept new students and for registration details. Once you have established a starting date for your child, request a tour so that they can be comfortable in their new surroundings, and maybe meet new friends.

  1. Get to Know the New Neighbourhood

Once you’ve decided on a school for your child, have a look at the new neighbourhood as a family. Walk them through nearby parks, take them out for dinner at a local restaurant, and get them accustomed to their new surroundings. This will make them feel more comfortable, and hopefully right at home.

  1. Include the Entire Family

Keep the whole family involved with important decisions. This will reduce anxious feelings and stress. It’s crucial to ensure your child is comfortable with their new school and neighbourhood before the school year begins in September.

  1. Stick to your Family Regimen

Changing schools and moving homes can make a child feel like their entire world is changing. Reassure them that this isn’t the case by sticking to your family rituals, and include their friends whenever possible.

Moving to a new city or town during the school year can be difficult for children of all ages. Parents should communicate with school-aged children in particular about the changes to ease their fears and assure them that they are going to an exciting new place filled with new friends and activities.

If you are considering relocating, we will help you look at factors beyond price, helping to match your lifestyle needs and wants with the right home.

At the Rocca Sisters & Associates, we have enlisted some of the best and brightest Sale Representatives in the industry who work with buyers only. Our Buyers Sales Representatives monitor the market minute by minute and will alert you to any new properties as soon as they hit the market.

To be set up on a free, no obligation personalized home search, visit our website at or call us directly at 905-335-4102 and ask to speak with one of our highly responsive buyer agents today.




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