7 Things You Can Do to Get Your House Ready to Sell.

Statistics show that staging your home or creating a clean, well-presented space that draws positive attention can sell for as much as 10% more than its unstaged counterpart and in some cases, 10 times faster.

Here are 7 things you can do:

  • Less is more. Keep décor simple, and definitely dismantle theme rooms.
  • Don’t over-personalized your décor. If you know your house is going on the market in the next few years, be mindful of design choices when you remodel.
  • Consider every surface in your home, especially walls and floors. Think neutral. Avoid expressions of personal taste, it might be distracting.
  • Cleanliness and De-clutter: get started packing and fill boxes with personal items like family photos.
  • Clean the front and backyard: Clean up flower gardens, Trim shrubs, and Sweep your sidewalks and porches.
  • Fix that cracked window pane. Replace the broken doorknob. Paint the fence.
  • Add some human touches such as plants, fresh fruit or a bouquet of flowers.

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