Why You Should Stage Your Home?

People need help envisioning their life in the house. Staging makes the home look bigger, cleaner, warmer, more loving and most importantly will be what make the buyer buy your home. It is about dressing your home for sale.

You Make More Money

Statistics show time and time again that, a properly staged home will sell for as much as 10% more then it’s unstaged counterpart.

The House Will Sell Faster

In some case 10 times faster. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) survey found that the longer homes stay on the market, the further their price drops.

Your House Pictures Will Stand Out

Statistics show that 90 percent of potential buyers search online first.

What are the key areas in your home you should be looking at staging before listing the house?

Kitchens and bedrooms are both very important rooms in a home. It’s in these two rooms where our basic needs are satisfied but they are also areas of a home that attract buyers for more than just what is done in these rooms: eating and sleeping. The master bedroom suite and the kitchen can be used for multiple purposes.

If your home has a master bedroom suite, a room large enough to allow space for more than just a bed and a couple of dressers, then it can be decorated to highlight other activities like a reading nook or a meditation setting.

In the kitchen buyer usually look for more than a functional place for cooking meals. They also want to see if the place could be a comfy gathering place when they can have guests around.

The key point is to create gathering spaces where family and friends can come together. Remember the key to good decor that appeals to buyers is to keep the room comfy, simple, and not overly crowded.

Here are some pictures showing Before and After Staging:









Please feel free to contact us at info@roccasisters.ca or call 905.335.4102. Rocca Sisters have their ASP Staging Credentials and can help you in getting your house prepared for sale.

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