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Happy Holidays to Everyone from the Rocca Sisters and Associates

Happy Holidays to Everyone from the Rocca Sisters and Associates

Tanya and Cathy Rocca

Thank You Burlington For An Incredible 2013!

 We would like to send a very big thank you to the community for   making Rocca Sisters & Associates the #1 Sales Team in Burlington once again for the 4th consecutive year (2010-2013). We are also proud to announce   we have been ranked the #3 Team in all of Canada for Royal LePage (2013)!

 We are excited to welcome 2014 with another year of accomplishments   to reflect on and an eventful year ahead. Our Royal LePage National Sales   Rankings have been released for 2013 and for the fourth consecutive year   Rocca Sisters & Associates have been ranked #1 in sales production and   volume among all Royal LePage agents in the Burlington and surrounding area.   We were also ranked #3 nationally for Royal LePage, out of the approximately   14,500 sales representatives across the country. This is a true honour, and   all of us here at Rocca Sisters & Associates are both excited and   appreciative to have concluded our most successful year to date.


The year ahead will bring us many more opportunities to do what we love, and   that is helping people in our community.In our recent Rocca Sisters &   Associates 2014 planning meeting, we discussed what our visions are as a team   for our community and our clients. How many families are we going to help   this year? What community events will we proudly put our name to? These are   all things that will make the difference in 2014, and this is what we look   forward to.

 What sets us apart from many other professionals is our ability to   embrace change at many different levels.  Change is the one constant and   continual refining of our client systems is essential to meet the ever   changing client expectations that define the experience overall. In the year   ahead, we will continue to be innovators in the industry and provide all of   our clients with an experience that is not just the best, but remarkable!

 We personally manage every listing and keep our clients well   informed throughout the whole process which leads to many long lasting   relationships with our valued clients.
  We would like to thank all of our incredible clients for your support and   referrals throughout 2013, as it is your support that continues to   drive our success allowing others to experience firsthand our unique and   genuine approach to buying and selling.  Our relationships truly   recommend us as the majority of our business is done with repeat clients and   referrals to their family & friends. We look forward to serving   your family  &  your friends in 2014!


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