How to find the perfect colour for your room.

Its hard to commit to a colour when thinking of repainting. Some shades look beautiful on a swatch, or fantastic in a friend’s home, but suddenly affixed to your own wall the shade takes on a different meaning. It important to think of the space, the accents and the complimentary tones that will have to live in the room with this new colour when thinking of new paint shades. Its also important to think of the rooms purpose, the amount of natural light and long term vision for the space when contemplating new paint shades. A great tip care of the one and only Martha Stewart is to paint a 1′ X 1′ square on the wall of the room you are considering re-painting and allow the square to “marinate” on the wall for 1 week in order to see what the colour looks at various points of the day (during peak day light hours and then at night.) Allow yourself to live with the colour and after one week if you find this is a shade you have grown to love even more than you originally thought, then move forward with your redecorating. If you find the shade isn’t what you once dreamed it to be, than back to the drawing board, the great thing about paint colours is there are literally thousands to choose from! Click on the title of this post to see some fantastic examples and tips for picking the right paint colour care of

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