Tips for Winter Curb Appeal

Tips for Winter Curb Appeal

This winter has been incredible. From the cold weather, the ice storm, dumps of snow and everything in-between we have seem to have seen it all. Its been an adventure here in the great white north!

If you are trying to sell your home in the winter, the small subtle “curb appeal” tricks can make the difference.

1. A red accent, such as a bow or wreath on the door can add a touch of warmth to your homes exterior. The red will pop out against the sea of bare trees and grey landscape.

2. Outdoor lights can create a warm inviting presence to your home. Simple small white lights will be able to last the entire winter and not look too festive after the holiday.

3. Decorative accents can create help add to your homes appeal. A statue or shiny garden ornament will add a touch of whimsy, as well help to create a unique feeling to your home. A giant inflatable Snowman may be a bit much but a tasteful statue placed in a garden or on steps can be the perfect addition in the winter. The other advantage in the winter is the statue can help act as a marker for snow plows if placed near the driveway.

4. Neatly trimmed greenery. A large potted boxwood will keep its green far into the winter, as will evergreen trees. Be creative with shapes and sizes, wrap your pot in burlap to give a rustic look, or string with lights – this addition will help add a pop of colour and a feeling of freshness.

Our listing at 432 Burlington Ave. is a great example of winter curb appeal. The home is a beautiful older home, the small touches of red, the festive bow on the dog statue and the green garlands only add to the homes exterior and help make this home look warm and inviting even on the coldest day!

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Follow this link for more great ideas on how to add to your homes winter curb appeal:

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