Family Room Ideas for Family Day

Family Room Ideas

In the spirit of this coming Monday’s “Family Day” we felt that it was a fitting theme to talk about some inspiring ideas on how to make your family room the crème d la crème.

Family rooms are the heart of the house. Next to kitchens, family rooms see the most traffic in a home. Family rooms are often the first place people choose to go when gathering to talk, watching t.v, reading or simply relaxing after a long day. They are also the “go to” room for kids. This is the space in the house where kids will play, hang out after school and the space they will entertain their friends in during play dates.

As a result of being such a highly used room in the house, family rooms need to be designed with functionality on the top of the “Must Have” list. Depending on the amount of traffic filtering through the room and the needs of the home owners, sometimes it can be good idea to think of furniture and décor that can stand the test of children/teenagers at their rowdiest, yet still remaining in the taste of the homeowners. When thinking of furniture, fabrics and colours, it can be a good idea to think of fabrics that can withstand stains, furniture that can take a lot of use and décor pieces that can handle the odd bump or two. Its also a good idea to go with a paint colour and finish that doesn’t show finger prints as easily as some might and a type of paint that wears well over time and can be cleaned regularly.

As time goes by so does a homeowners needs and taste, don’t be afraid to let your home’s interior evolve as you do. Your home is like a member of the family and over time we all grow and change, and so should your home! Follow this link to see some great ideas on how to decorate your family room from :

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