Falling in Love with a House

Falling in Love with a House

Love is in the air today, being Valentine’s day and all. We racked our brains thinking what would be the best post to make on this day of days and then the idea came to us via a forward from our Sales Associate extraordinare; Bonnie Glen – write a post about falling in love with houses while house hunting.

Take a few minutes to read these great articles from The Wall Street Journal and Investopedia. Both articles talk about the emotional connections people can feel towards houses when looking to buy. The truth is buying a home can be a little bit like dating. Sometimes a person has to kiss a lot of frogs before they find that prince or princess. That can be the same when house hunting. Sometimes a person needs to look at a lot of abodes before they find the one that will be the place they call home. A buyer can be drawn to a home a little like a person can be drawn to another person : sometimes when house hunting a buyer can be drawn for intangible, unexplainable reasons to certain houses that as a result have the buyer circling back again and again to this one particular home.

But as with dating, home buying can lead to heart break. Sometimes, despite the chemistry a person may feel with a house, it may be the best idea to walk away, and not pass a super cute note that says : I know I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number, call me maybe?

Remember that as cute and as “full of character” a home may have, the reality is by overlooking obvious flaws and over estimating handyman skills or under estimating contracting expenses all in the name of “BUT I LOVE IT!!!” Will have a home owner having to shell out a lot of coin for the “cutest house ever” which won’t be the “cutest expense ever.” Another problem home buyers can have is becoming desperate when buying a home, and then feeling that they have to settle and the buy the home that is the almost, partially home of their dreams. No one should ever settle in life for anything, and that is why home buyers have to remain calm and patient and know that with time the perfect house will come along. However again, like with dating, the other flip side of the coin is home buyers can get cold feet. After having obviously found “THE ONE” some buyers will hum and ha and drag their feet with the fear of commitment, and as a result that perfect house will slip through their twiddling fingers.

Don’t let these common mistakes effect you when buying a home. Rely on your experienced and level headed Rocca Sisters Associate to be the best wing man ever when looking for a home, they won’t steer you wrong and will make sure you end up with a home that was “a keeper” from the moment you laid eyes on it.

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