Everything but the Kitchen Sink.

Everything but the Kitchen Sink.

Moving can be an exceptionally stressful time. One of the most angst inducing moments of moving is packing. We all want to think of ourselves as the farthest thing from a hoarder, but moving can create a feeling that even the biggest minimalist in the world is mere moments away from appearing on the next episode of TLC’s “Hoarders”.

This is due to the fact that moving and packing forces everyone to go through each and every one of their possessions and this can be an overwhelming activity for anyone. We all can have a hard time letting go of sentimental objects at times, and we can all end up with an odd assortment of various items. Packing creates a definite need to evaluate possessions, and at times the simple thought of not having to pack will be enough to sway some people from moving.

As time consuming and annoying as packing can be, there is a silver lining. The silver lining is that moving can create the perfect platform to have an opportunity to purge, to donate and to re-evaluate. Prior to the big moving day – a great idea is to take a few minutes and walk through your home with 3 different colour pads of sticky notes. One colour is for “Keeps”, one colour is for “Charity”, and the final colour is “For Sale”. Take your time going through your home and the treasures and items inside and take a few minutes to honestly ask yourself if these are things you want to carry with you to your next home or, if this is a time to move on without certain pieces.

Keep the things you know you want, do not force yourself to part with your most treasured items, in the end you will only regret it. But be honest with yourself, not everything can be your most favourite thing ever. Let go of the items you no longer use and no longer want. These are the items you can divide between the “charity” pile and the “for sale” pile. There are numerous non-profit organizations that would greatly appreciate donations of any kind. However, if you would like to sell your items, there are various platforms that make this very accessible. Thanks to the good ol’ internet it’s very easy to post online ads in order to sell almost anything these days. If you are willing to take a bit of time to create different ads online, you are off to the races.

Hopefully these small tips help you when preparing for your next move and also make things a bit easier!

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