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Canada Can’t Help but be Awesome at Hockey.

Canada Can't Help but be Awesome at Hockey.

This Olympics has done little else than prove its pretty hard to suggest the Canadians are good at one particular sport. Team Canada has won medals in so many different sports its been amazing.

Having said that, Hockey still manages to hold that special place in most Canadian’s hearts as “our sport.” Hockey night in Canada is the one thing almost any kid of any age can remember growing up and hearing in the background. Don Cherry is not only a Canadian Icon, he’s almost the entire country’s eccentric but far too lovable Grandfather.

Hockey is really a special thing to Canadians and because of that its even more exciting to watch how well Team Canada is doing this year at Sochi. The women’s team dug so far down yesterday with 3 minutes to go, its pretty certain that the game will be talked about for years to come.

Then, as though that wasn’t enough, the Men came out today and beat the US to carry Canada into the medal round against the Swedes.

Fingers, toes and knees crossed the men beat Sweden!!

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