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A Great Day to Wear Pink.

A Great Day to Wear Pink.

Today is National Anti-Bullying day, and hopefully you are showing your support by wearing something pink.

Being a child isn’t easy. One of the hardest and most complex parts of childhood is making friends and interacting with peers. Children can be extremely hard on themselves and each other as they all navigate through childhood trying to figure out who they are and in the process project all their insecurities on one another during this journey.

One of the most liberating moments in life is reaching the point where you realize that cool doesn’t exist. Its a made up thing that doesn’t matter and isn’t real. Being cool is as imaginary as the boogey man and the monster that lives under the bed. Reaching the moment in life where you realize this and believe it is the most freeing and liberating moment because all the sudden you are no longer trying to be a million things other than yourself. As Dr Suess says – there is no one youer than you. Everyone should listen to Dr. Suess, afterall he is a Dr.

Unfortunately not all children want to believe cool doesn’t matter and isn’t real and as a result they continue to judge one another. To make matters worse, children today live in the age of technology – making communication all to easy and the ability to pass judgement even easier. Children now have to deal with being “cool” in school, at lunch, at recess and then on Facebook, twitter, instagram, blogs and whatever else they can get their hand on.

“Being cool” is the absolute most important thing to children a lot of the time. They want to make sure that they are cool to all the kids around them, and the worst part about this is hearts can be broken over not making the mark and not succeeding in the eyes of whomever they feel matters the most at that point in their lives.

Wear pink today to help stop kids judging one another and not allowing one another to simply be. Help stop children feeling that they have to impress one another. Help stop hearts being broken.

to learn more about anti – bullying day : http://www.erasebullying.ca/resources/resources-pink-shirt.php

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