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Super-low borrowing costs: What bank governor Stephen Poloz’s recent statements mean for home buyers



Canadians can expect to enjoy low borrowing costs for quite some time and that’s even after the economy returns to full capacity. Bank governor, Stephen Poloz made this statement towards the end of this month, giving Canadian home buyers a chance to plan their home purchases with more critical information in hand.

Today, we examine what you need to know about Poloz’s recent interest rate forecast.

According to the bank governor, it will likely take until early 2016 for the economy to be moving in full-swing and inflation to go back to two per cent, yet when it does Canadians shouldn’t expect a sudden increase in interest rates to fight inflation.

Does this mean Canadians will now go on a home-buying spree? Not necessarily. Poloz says more Canadians are making responsible choices when it comes to home buying. Canadians are choosing homes they can afford.

A key factor in the home buying process, is the sales agent. Home buyers wanting to make the best purchase according to market conditions, should work with a sales agent that listens to their particular needs and budget allowances, and then provides home options that meet those requirements.

Excitement at Mercedes-Benz Oakville 10K

oakville 10k 2


Yesterday, thousands gathered as downtown streets shut down for the only 10k race in Canada where someone wins a Mercedes-Benz.

We were thrilled to team up with Mercedes-Benz Oakville as an official primary sponsor of the Mercedes-Benz Oakville 10K presented by New Balance Oakville.

Maintaining tradition, keys to a 2014 CLA were provided to one lucky race finisher by way of a random bib draw during the awards presentation following the race events.

It was a bit cold at the start of the morning but we weren’t about to let runners or onlookers feel the chill. Within the eventful athletes’ village, we offered hot apple cider, free compliments of the Rocca Sisters. This was our way of saying, ‘thank you,’ to the community for making us #3 in Canada for Royal LePage out of 14,500 agents nationwide in 2013.

On this race day, there was something for just about everyone. Runners experienced a beautiful route winding its way through picturesque downtown Oakville, which included stunning views of the lake and ended at the 102-year old sprawling park-like campus of Appleby College.

In addition to the 10k and 5k run/walk, teens participated in the Martin Group at National Bank Financial 5k High School Challenge.

The little ones also had a chance to experience some fun, while participating in the 1k Junior Jog and the 300m Toddler Trot.

For the Rocca Sisters, giving back to our local communities is our passion. We would like to thank everyone who participated and came out to lend their support. The Oakville 10K provided valuable awareness and vital funds to support the development of the new state-of-the-art Oakville Hospital. Raised funds will help put essential equipment in the hands of caregivers and help improve the health of the Oakville community.

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Earth Day: Tips for Environment-Friendly Entertaining


We do our best to be environmentally conscious every day in an effort to promote conservation and a green friendly plant. There are little things you can do to make a big difference in environment conservation.

As spring is now (finally!) underway, we know you most likely want to enjoy your home and entertain guests. In celebration of Earth Day, we gathered top tips for maintaining an environmentally conscious lifestyle at home while entertaining.

Shop responsibility. According to the David Suzuki Foundation, the shopping bag revolution is underway. More than one million plastic bags are used every minute and they are entangling and killing marine life and their micro plastic pieces are leaching onto the ground and contaminating crops. Make a positive impact for the environment simply by using reusable bags while shopping for food items for your next dinner party. Some of these bags can even be zipped up into tiny wallet-sized pouches, making them perfect for easy storage.

Use environmentally-friendly storage. Avoid packing up leftovers after dinner in Saran wrap or plastic. Use reusable food containers to keep food fresh while reducing material demand on the environment.

Wash the eco-friendly way.
After entertaining your guests, make sure you only run the dishwasher when it’s full to save 100 pounds of CO2. The bonus is you’ll also save $40 a year by doing this simple task.

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