Buyer’s Corner: Top items to consider before you make the big move


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When looking to purchase your new home, there’s no doubt you’ll look at the number of bedrooms, the upgrades, the features, the home size and more but a key factor in determining your overall happiness is the type of neighbourhood you choose. You’ll want to consider these key factors before you sign on the dotted line:

The community.
Older communities have mature trees and usually larger lots, while newer communities boast new home designs, modern features and new shopping areas. Determine your preference and look for a home within the particular community.

Uptown vs. downtown. While some may thrive in a downtown area close to entertainment and restaurants, others such as new families may prefer a quiet street uptown to raise their children and be close to schools.

Commuter perfect.
Traffic is becoming an increasingly larger problem as population heightens. If you’re commuting to Toronto for work you may want to think about whether your new home is close enough to highway access.

For more information on communities and their features, be sure to visit our Communities page:

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