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Trend Watch: Why you’ll want a natural swimming pool this summer

natural pool

Photo credit: Brian Slemming for Landscapeontario.com (http://landscapeontario.com/a-dip-in-the-pond)

Hot summer days bring cottage visits, camp fires and of course swimming, with perhaps, that all too familiar smell of chlorine. Most of us have become so accustomed to the chemically smell that we don’t question it. But the chlorine has harmful side effects including damaged hair, increased risk of asthma and more.

Today, we’re looking at the latest trend in the area of home and decor – which is just about to hit North America, yet has been the buzz of Europe for decades: natural swimming pools.

Natural swimming pools, also known as swimming ponds are a stunning and eco-friendly alternative to traditional pools. One of the first things you’ll notice about the nature-inspired pools is their crystal clear water. What’s more, is that these pools don’t require any chemicals to maintain. The pools are self-cleansing.

They’re not exclusively reserved for high-end homeowners either. Natural pools have lower maintenance costs compared to the traditional pools. Installation costs are also comparable to conventionally designed pools.

Imagine a natural swimming pool in your own backyard. We absolutely can’t wait for this trend to fully take hold in Canada.

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