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3 Ways To Pass Your Home Inspection


Photo credit: Max Whittaker/Getty Images (howstuffworks.com)

A vital aspect of selling a home is the home inspection. Often it has sellers worried about the potential negative outcome and how it may deter buyers for purchasing their home.

Today, we go through three of the ways you can ensure your home inspection process goes smoothly.

1. Disclose your home’s issues up front. Let the potential buyers know of any home issues before the inspection. Most people do not react well when they discover issues on their own accord and may feel that you are not trustworthy.

2. De-clutter. Make your inspector’s job easy by removing all boxes and clutter from areas that will need access during the inspection. These areas include electric panels, heating and cooling systems and mechanical equipment.

3. Set-up access to the attic. Make sure there is room for a ladder to be placed. This makes the inspector’s job quick.

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