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Everyone has a story. Our story is about our mother, Joan Rocca, and the new generation of motherhood in our family


Pictured: Cathy Rocca with son Gianluca Anthony (6 months).

Mother’s day goes beyond flowers, jewelry and even the imperfect greeting cards made by little ones. It’s a day to honour mothers, motherhood and also to remember mothers who are no longer with us.

Having lost our mother Joan to ovarian cancer, for us, mother’s day is about cherishing her memory and gathering with family on the special day to honour her life and to celebrate the newest mother in our family, Cathy.

In May 2004, our mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer by chance during a routine check-up. Our mother’s mission was to bring up three loving and successful children. She committed her life to us and we were blessed to be part of our parents’ loving devotion for their 45 years of marriage.

It’s been an extraordinary year as we have watched a new generation blossom in our family. On November 2, 2013 Cathy became a mother to her first child, Gianluca Anthony. The past six months have been extremely special, being able to enjoy all the new blessings of motherhood and to put to work all of the cherished lessons and values that we learned from our mother. She was an incredible, inspirational role model. Tanya is looking forward to experiencing motherhood firsthand as she is expecting her first child, a little girl, this coming September.

Our love for our mom and respect for fellow mothers has encouraged us to reach out to those in our community through our community events celebrating mothers. We all have a story. If you would like to join us in our desire to educate others, raise awareness and help continue research for a cure for cancer, please contact us at 905-335-4102, or info@roccasisters.ca.

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