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3 ways to create a nursery you’ll fall in love with


Photo credit: Melisa Fluhr & Pam Ginocchio for HGTV.com (http://www.hgtv.com/kids-rooms/dreamy-celebrity-nurseries/pictures/index.html?ic1=obnetwork).

Recently, Tanya announced she is expecting a baby girl this September. It’s amazing how quickly life can change and instead of re-decorating the living room, dining room or renovating the bathroom – you find yourself thinking about the nursery.

Nursery design options range from modern, traditional, boy and girl themes, as well as, neutral, so it’s little wonderful that most of us have a difficult time deciding which way to go.

Today, we’ve developed three quick tips that will get you started on creating a stunning nursery, that both you and your little bundle of joy can fall in love with:

Have fun with colour. Use an accent colour within a neutral setting. This will awaken the room, create a sense of theme, and add personality to the nursery.

Maximize space. If square footage is something you’re lacking, use furniture that works overtime. For instance choose pieces with built-in storage, and pick items that are multi-functional such as, a dresser that doubles as a changing table.

Create a space you enjoy being in. Keep in mind you’ll be spending lots of time in the nursery, changing diapers and giving late night feedings. Some parents even sleep in the nursery as their babies transition to sleeping alone. Use colours you can stand and won’t get sick of. Make sure the furniture is easy to use and comfortable.

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