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Home decor: How to create a better bedroom


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Your bedroom, it’s a place that’s suppose to be your sanctuary — a peaceful space, seemingly dedicated to you. And yet there’s times when we can find our bedrooms looking anything but tranquil.

In the recent article titled, “Designer Tips for Creating a Better Bedroom,” Houzz contributor, Christine Tusher takes readers through an exciting list of items that can help you build a better bedroom.

First on this list is the rug. Tusher explains that there is nothing more jarring then jumping out of bed in the morning and having your feet hit the cold floor. Rugs placed strategically can add elegance to a bedroom, not to mention comfort to your feet. For the full article click: article.

#talkbacktuesday: Will I get a better price with a Listing Sales Representative?


Q: Will I get a better price on a property if I go directly to the Listing Sales Representative?

A: Not necessarily. The Listing Sales Representative’s primary role is to get the best price for the Seller – not the Buyer. You’ll need to work with a Buyer Sales Representative, who represents your interests alone to ensure to you are getting the best price.

The Rocca Sisters #talkbacktuesday series takes the stress out of the home buying and selling process and answers your questions regarding all things real estate. We’re here to help. If you have a question please email or send us a message on our Facebook fan page at,

Award Winning Service You Can Trust


It is incredibly important to have a real estate agent that you can trust. Your home is your most valuable asset and should not be entrusted to just anyone. The Rocca Sisters & Associates are ranked the #1 Sales Team in Burlington and area for Sales Production and Volume for four conservative years (2010-2013).

We have based our business on the key principle of exceptional service that is not just the best, but remarkable. Service that our clients are comfortable and proud to share with their family, friends and co-workers. Our success is based on these relationships, hence our slogan “Our Relationships Recommend Us.”

This is why we provide a unique hands-on personal approach that builds lasting relationships. We take great pride in these relationships which is why we personally manage your listing and have developed a systematic turn-key system to ensure that our clients receive consistent communication and feel part of the process.

This approach has led us to be nationally-ranked top industry leaders in the country. Our goal is to make your experience as comfortable and profitable as possible, and we have the results and client testimonials to prove it!

For more information on our trusted and proven hands-on approach, visit our website To watch testimonial videos from our many satisfied clients, visit our webTV channel, We look forward to surpassing your expectations!

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