Home decor: How to create a better bedroom


Photo: Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc. on Houzz.com (http://bit.ly/1ldW9Ia)

Your bedroom, it’s a place that’s suppose to be your sanctuary — a peaceful space, seemingly dedicated to you. And yet there’s times when we can find our bedrooms looking anything but tranquil.

In the recent Houzz.com article titled, “Designer Tips for Creating a Better Bedroom,” Houzz contributor, Christine Tusher takes readers through an exciting list of items that can help you build a better bedroom.

First on this list is the rug. Tusher explains that there is nothing more jarring then jumping out of bed in the morning and having your feet hit the cold floor. Rugs placed strategically can add elegance to a bedroom, not to mention comfort to your feet. For the full article click: Houzz.com article.

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