The pros and cons of buying a home in winter

When it’s chilly out, one would probably rather sit by the fire than go to open houses. One may even think the effort isn’t worth it because winter’s a bad time to buy. But there are pros and cons to house hunting in any season. Home buyers, shouldn’t be quick to pause their searches when the snow starts to fall, especially when current housing inventories are very low compared to demand. winter-house

Winter buying advantages
Compared to the busier spring and summer seasons, home buyers face less competition from all-cash and investor buyers during winter. First-time home buyers are pushed out of the housing market because they can’t compete with higher bidders during warmer months. But, during winter, these house hunters are more likely to find the perfect pad. With less competition for homes, sellers may be willing to come down in price as well.

Additionally, sellers can’t hide certain problems during winter – like whether the furnace works. One can also tell how well the gutters work by checking for icicles hanging from the house or ice puddles on walkways.

Winter buying disadvantages
Once snow has fallen, it becomes difficult to tell what the yard is really like. One may not realize there’s a slope to the yard or that there’s a large garden area when it’s covered. The coloring of the season can also make the area seem bleak or unattractive. However, home buyers just need to use a little imagination to remember the trees will have leaves and the grass will be green again soon.

The snow also hinders getting a true assessment of the size and borders of the land, which can be an issue if plot lines are in dispute.

Additionally, moving in winter can be a pain. The snowy and icy conditions can make it difficult to drive a moving truck and carry boxes safely to and from the houses.

No season is the exact perfect time to find a home. There may be more homes on the market during spring and summer, but buyers face extra competition. First-time home buyers shouldn’t give up on their house hunt just because the weather turns cold. In fact, while other buyers are scared off, first timers may finally be able to bid on their dream homes. (from

Why not try our some of our quick proven steps to help you get your home “buyer-ready” this winter:

Curb Appeal – The exterior beauty of your home shouldn’t fade with the onset of the cooler weather. Curb appeal is always a crucial aspect of attracting buyers, even during the winter. Keep trees and shrubs neatly trimmed and remove all leaves and debris. Always keep your driveway and walkways cleared of snow and ice. Add colour and visual interest through the use of outdoor urns or planters full of winter greens, branches and rustic decorative touches perfect for the season such as pinecones. Make sure your windows and floors are sparkling clean and you have a nice mat available for buyers to take their shoes off during viewings.

Replace Old Fixtures & Appliances –With less sunlight during the winter, it’s important to replace dated light fixtures and to add as much ambient lighting as possible. You should also change old faucets and showerheads and replace your exhausted appliances. A home’s value can begin to decline in the buyer’s mind once they begin calculating the cost of replacing old, outdated appliances.

Make sure your home is de-cluttered and spotless – Home buyers need to envision themselves living in your home. To achieve this you need to remove clutter and depersonalize your living space. Remove family photos and keep your decor neutral, however you still want your home to exude warmth, especially in the winter. Turn on your fireplace to add a cozy ambiance. Strategically placing blankets and throws can also help set a warm, comfortable tone for buyers. You should also check the temperature of your home. You want the temperature to be comfortable on cold days to make your home welcoming and give potential buyers a reason to linger.

Properly staging your home is proven to make a dramatic difference in both sale price and the number of days a home is on the market. This is why each of our listings receives free home staging by a professional stager whether it’s spring, summer, winter or fall. We are designated Accredited Staging Professionals and the trademarked owners of the powerful STAGED & SOLD brand. We will ensure your home is staged properly to showcase the best it has to offer a potential buyer. For more tips or to schedule a free, no obligation home evaluation please contact us at 905-335-4102 or email us at Our personal approach and proven results will surpass your expectations!

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