How to make your next big move a family affair

The decision to move is not always an easy one; getting your kids on board can be even harder. Packing personal belongings and leaving familiar places behind can be stressful for us but it is especially traumatic for children who may not understand why.

At the Rocca Sisters & Associates we work to ensure that when clients move to a new home, the process runs smoothly for every member of the family. Along with sitting down and talking to your children about an upcoming move, here are some tips on how to get your whole family ready for their new adventure:


Keep smiling. There are many reasons why families decide to move; some of these reasons include better opportunities in new cities, sudden financial issues, or to be closer to family. No matter the reason, be sure your attitude about the move remains positive. Children are intuitive and are more likely to put on a brave face when they feel that others around them are happy and excited.

Make sure everyone has a part. Providing children with as much information as possible will help them feel a part of the decision. For instance, we find that kids consider their bedroom the most important aspect of their home. It’s important to The Rocca Sisters to have their clients children involved in the staging process.“We make it a fun and comfortable process for them and treat their bedroom as a special place, allowing them to feel in charge,” says Tanya Rocca. If there’s an opportunity, have your kids pick their bedroom in their new home, a new paint colour or let them decide on some of the décor pieces. This will help them feel in control of the change that’s about to take place in their lives.

Visit the new area. If your new home is close by, visit the area as a family. Point out the parks, recreation centres, schools and other fun place where they’ll be able to continue doing the activities they love most. If you are moving out of town, show them photos and videos of the new area online.

These tips will you make home buying a family affair. At the Rocca Sisters & Associates we help families every day with what is often their largest and most important investment: their family home.

We take great pride being trusted with this responsibility and do not take it lightly. That is why we are ranked the #3 Sales Team in Canada for Sales Production and Volume for four consecutive years (2010-2014). We look forward to providing you and your family with an experience that is not just the best, but remarkable!

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