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Shine Your Light On Climate Action

This Saturday from 8:30pm – 9:30pm, it’s up to YOU.

This hour is powered by YOU. A flick of a switch, a conscious decision to save power, a choice you make, and a symbolic gesture. Need more ideas? The organizers of Earth Hour have prepared several ways for you to create your own event, big or small.

Earth Hour Starter Kit: Take a stand on your personal facebook / twitter page at You will find promotional artwork that you can share. If you’d like, donate your social power and add a special Earth Hour filter to your profile pic.

Earth Hour Tracker: Register your event and check out what other people are doing. From family to community events, it’s great to align yourself with like-minded individuals.

It’s never been easier to take action for the planet. The world’s first universal climate deal was reached this past December, but at the same time, it was the warmest year on record. So we ask that you keep the momentum going and help to create a world where people and nature thrive. Follow @earthhour or Facebook /earthhour for more details.

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International Women’s Day #PledgeForParity

International Women’s Day celebrates women around the world and calls for gender parity. Our role as leaders in business in our community is both to lead by example and foster growth. As I became the 59,222nd person to #PledgeForParity at, I realized how important that number was, it was one more person taking on the role of advocate for diversity and inclusion.

The Rocca Sisters & Associates is unique in that it is run by women: two sisters, best friends.  We see women who work in our office, women as clients and women in our community that we are fortunate to have the opportunity to engage with on a daily basis. We are in the business of building relationships, and that is our guiding principle. When people succeed, we all succeed.

“We are first and foremost…sisters, best friends and partners,” Cathy concludes. It’s the relationship Cathy & Tanya have with each other, their love for real estate & their unending dedication to their clients that has them reaching the top.


We all need an equal opportunity to succeed, and to define success individually. For sales production and volume, our team is ranked #1 in Burlington (for 2010-2015) and #3 in all of Canada (for 2010-2015) for Royal Le Page. Our success is driven by a deep passion for helping clients achieve maximum results for their home, building relationships and giving back to the community. The greater our success, the greater our ability and responsibility to make positive change in the world.

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