The Daffodil. Small But Mighty In The Fight Against Cancer

Every spring, the bright yellow daffodil takes on a worthy opponent. Cancer. The flower has served as the symbol of cancer awareness since the 1950s. The Canadian Cancer Society incorporated the yellow flower into their logo in 2000.


Money raised during daffodil month helps people living with cancer and their families. Donations are earmarked for life-saving research, information and support services. Fresh flowers are available at Loblaws and affiliated stores through April 14th or while supplies last. Daffodil pin sales take place through April 10th.

The Canadian Cancer Society has channeled over $1.3 billion to cancer research since the 1940s. In that time, Canadians’ 5-year survival rate has increased from 25% to more than 60%.

“My family lost its matriarch to cancer. Our mother Joan was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in May 2004. The diagnosis came through a routine checkup. With great determination and strong faith, she fought hard for five years and gave us her best, unfortunately like many, she lost her battle,” explains Cathy Rocca. “The tragedy in all of this is that we are not unique, there are so many families who have gone through, or are going through something similar. We remember bringing the sweet simple pleasures of life alive, and creating a light in our Mom that sometimes seemed dim,” continues Tanya Rocca.

Joan Rocca

Even the simple act of purchasing a daffodil pin or a small bunch of flowers brings hope to those suffering. “The Canadian Cancer Society has so many resources available to you as a patient and as a family member or friend. Life-changing support, digestible information online and by phone and they are helping fund the research that saves lives,” Cathy says, “I truly hope that you find a moment to give to this worthy cause.” The Rocca Sisters & Associates know that the greater our success, the greater our ability and responsibility to make positive change in our world.

For comprehensive Cancer information:

The Canadian Cancer Society


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