Why Real Estate is not a recreational sport

The Real Estate transaction is more than just signing a standard legal contract or putting a For Sale sign on a lawn or deciding that I can show my own home. While you can do all of the above, the real question is: do you really know what is at stake?

To add perspective, would you go to a casino after watching a couple of YouTube Videos on gambling, and actually go “all in” with your home on your first hand…we would hope not! We are not suggesting that buying or selling a home is gambling, but when you hire a professional, you are hedging on their past successes and expertise all in an effort to make an informed and controlled decision.

Hiring a professional is a given and will always benefit the client. However, not all professionals are equal or proven. Selling real estate is not a recreational sport, you are either in it, and committed 100 per cent or you are not. This is an industry with many professionals; some part-time and some full time.

Whether part-time or full time, there are many great people however as a client you want what is best for your investment, your nest egg and your kid’s education, so hiring a part time real estate agent begs the question: Why would I risk my hard earned dollars, my home, my future home with someone that is not in the real estate industry full time?

We cannot speak as to why some agents are part time. Is this a hobby? Is this just some extra income? It seems like a fun thing to do?

When hiring a successful full time real estate agent or team, you’re hiring experience. This is their business 100 per cent of the time and they are passionate about client results, not just income. After all, without results, there is no income.

Before hiring a part time real estate agent, it’s critical to understand potential drawbacks. Here are a few to consider.

  1. Service and Availability:

During an active market properties sell quickly. Will your realtor be available?

“Part-time agents can really do a disservice to their clients,” says Cathy Rocca. “If you’re away from your phone or offline for half of a day, your client can miss out of an offer.”

  1. Market knowledge is important:

If your agent is only part time, then their exposure and experience is only part time. Market knowledge is essential to mitigate client risk.

“Since each market presents unique challenges, it is essential for an agent to be fully invested in staying current with market trends, values, and inventory of current and sold listings so they can better advise their client,” says Cathy.

  1. Experience:

When hiring an agent, ask how many homes they have sold. A full time seasoned agent will always bring more value. “Residential real estate transactions can be complicated on many levels,” says Tanya Rocca. “Each market presents unique challenges that involves numerous variables: negotiating, marketing and showing the house in the best possible way, to name a few.”

Selling or buying a home is, in many cases, a person’s biggest financial transaction. “Given this, it makes sense to have someone who invests their full professional capacity to serving their client’s interests,” says Tanya.

The Rocca Sisters & Associates are a team of recognized and experienced experts fully dedicated to providing a hands-on, all-encompassing approach to client care that sets them apart in their field. The Rocca Sisters Team works diligently and invests heavily in the tools and infrastructure needed to do ensure a client’s success.

If you are looking to buy or sell your home, you can take comfort in their full service, highly responsive, executive team of professionals for all of your real estate needs.

Contact The Rocca Sisters Team today and let their personal approach and proven results surpass your expectations. Their sales production and volume is consistently one of the top on the Hamilton Burlington Real Estate Board where your home is.

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