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Home inspectors soon to be regulated by the province

The start of a new year is often marked with the plan to create positive changes, a trend which is ringing true in the real estate industry for 2017.

A common component of the home buying process, is the home inspection, a step which involves bringing in an outside party to evaluate the home for potential issues. Despite the fact that approximately 65 per cent of homes sold receive a home inspection, home inspectors are one of the only professionals involved in the real estate transaction who are not provincially regulated.

This year, the provincial government intends to bring forth legislation that will allow the province to regulate the home inspection industry. If passed, the changes will require that home inspectors be licensed with proper qualifications, will set minimum standards for contracts, home inspection reports, disclosures and the performance of home inspections, and will establish an independent administrative authority to administer the licensing legislation and associated regulations.

“The proposed changes will give home buyers peace of mind,” said Cathy Rocca. “It is important to receive the most accurate information possible so that home buyers are not at risk for unexpected costs or potential safety issues.”

Currently the profession is governed by a variety of industry organizations, each with individual training programs and accreditation standards. If passed, the changes will allow the profession to become more streamlined and will introduce mandatory qualifications for all inspectors.

“By creating a more standardized approach to inspections, home buyers will be able to feel more confident in the information that they are receiving,” says Tanya Rocca. “With our clients especially, we always want to ensure that they have an extensive understanding of the home that they are looking to purchase.”

The new changes will also help to create a more balanced playing field for the profession, preventing inspectors with little or no training from competing with qualified professionals. The legislation is based on 35 recommendations made in a report by a government commissioned panel of real estate, legal and inspection experts.

The Rocca Sisters have built a solid reputation for serving their clients with a high standard of professionalism. Their full service, highly responsive, executive team of professionals are deeply committed to providing timely, ethical and comprehensive guidance to your home buying experience.

Contact the Rocca Sisters & Associates today and let their personal approach and proven results surpass your expectations.

Purchase a home Fido will love

As a pet owner, if you are considering a move, you will want to ensure your new home is ideal not only for your family members, but also for Fluffy or Fido.


Ensuring whether local requirements, the neighborhood environment, as well as the home layout and features is pet-friendly will affect how well your pet adjusts to your new home and the amount of freedom they have for their activities.


Here are some tips to help ensure your future home and neighborhood are pet-friendly:

  1. Check local requirements


Familiarize yourself with city and county regulations that are in place for health and safety reasons in the area you are considering purchasing a new home.


There are often requirements for pet owners to abide by leash laws and clean up after your pet in public places. Information on what pet-friendly parks and playgrounds exist in the community should be available from the local parks and recreation department.


2. Scope out the neighbourhood


Go for a walk or drive around the area to see if there are any neighbors outside walking their dogs or notice cats sleeping in sunny windows.


Keep an eye out for signs the community welcomes furry family members. Do storeowners keep water bowls out in the summer and welcome leashed dogs into their stores? Are there nearby veterinary services, dog walkers or cat sitters?


3. Consider creature comforts inside and outside the home


Check the layout of the home and think about what would be needed to make your pet comfortable there. Are there too many stairs for an elderly pet to climb? Too many carpets to keep clean and hair-free? Or are the floors too slippery for a pet’s comfort?


Take a look at the outside of the home, too. Is there a place for your pet to run around? Is there a fence around the yard?


Perhaps an outdoor faucet is important for bathing your dog? If so, check to make sure the home has exterior faucets.


If your pet is an important member of your family, and you consider the above when looking for your next home, the extra considerations will be well worth it so long as it accommodates the needs and requirement of your pet.


Once you’ve done your due diligence, you can be sure your new home will be right for all your family members. At the end of the day, a happy pet translates to a happy owner.


The Rocca Sisters have built a solid reputation for serving their clients with a higher standard of professionalism. Their full service, highly responsive, executive team of professionals are deeply committed to providing timely, ethical and comprehensive guidance, and as such they collaborate efficiently as a team to offer added value to your home-buying experience.


Contact the Rocca Sisters & Associates today and let their personal approach and proven results surpass your expectations. 


Top notch marketing is essential for top dollar, quick sale

When it comes to marketing your home, every property is unique. To assure you that your house is marketed to its fullest potential and to obtain the highest possible market value, it requires a detailed and effective marketing strategy.

When you list your home with the Rocca Sisters & Associates, you can rest easy knowing our extensive Home Marketing Program will showcase and elevate your home to an extensive audience of buyers for maximum exposure.

You will have the power of the Rocca Sisters’ personal in-house marketing department working to sell your property. Our extensive service begins with free home staging, professional photography and a high-definition video tour.

Some homes cry out for drone photography, especially if the home is situated on waterfront, in the forest, near a park or on large acreage, anywhere an aerial view would be an important advantage to showcase the surrounding neighborhood.

Your custom designed brochures are printed on high quality stock paper and unveil the unique highlights of your home, distinguishing you from any others on the market. Our print advertising comprises of full-page ads in local newspapers, magazines and custom postcards featuring your home delivered to prestigious high-end neighbourhoods, as well as invitations unveiling your home to successful individuals in high net worth professions.

Our innovative, comprehensive and personalized marketing strategies will allow your home to outshine competitive properties

A house needs maximum exposure to a broad audience in order to sell. We take an aggressive networking and all-encompassing approach to advertising your property. We start with professional photos and virtual tours, produce magazine-quality booklets and make sure they are always in abundance during showings. We advertise in local newspapers each week, and where appropriate can list on an interna­tional MLS. We have a state of the art website and we create enticing and informative descriptions for your home on MLS along with taking advantage of current social media tools to maximize exposure and online presence. All of our Seller’s properties are listed on more than one real estate board.

We are also linked into over 100 additional real estate websites nationwide and host a monthly Home News magazine through Canada Post (circulation of 60,000 homes).

Our luxury properties are listed on providing international reach to the discerning buyer. We also list your home on multiple real estate boards – not just one. Our homes are listed on the Hamilton/Burlington, Oakville/Milton, Niagara, and Toronto real estate boards.

We are Connected. We are interfaced with a multitude of real estate professionals and key websites. We reach out far and wide to find buyers for your home.

As national “Top Producers” we have access to the huge relocation market Royal LePage has developed as well as the extensive local network the Rocca Sisters have built. Our membership in The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing ensures a customized lifestyle marketing plan and access to valuable contacts internationally for your luxury residence. Being ranked #1 in Burlington and area (2010-2015) & #3 in Canada for Sales Production and Volume out of 16,500+ agents for Royal LePage Canada (2015) strengthens this network by increasing the traffic of more buyers, sellers and industry professionals.

Our proven marketing strategies and network will sell your home quickly, and for top dollar. We are in the business of selling homes, not just listing them and we have the track record to prove it!

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