Purchase a home Fido will love

As a pet owner, if you are considering a move, you will want to ensure your new home is ideal not only for your family members, but also for Fluffy or Fido.


Ensuring whether local requirements, the neighborhood environment, as well as the home layout and features is pet-friendly will affect how well your pet adjusts to your new home and the amount of freedom they have for their activities.


Here are some tips to help ensure your future home and neighborhood are pet-friendly:

  1. Check local requirements


Familiarize yourself with city and county regulations that are in place for health and safety reasons in the area you are considering purchasing a new home.


There are often requirements for pet owners to abide by leash laws and clean up after your pet in public places. Information on what pet-friendly parks and playgrounds exist in the community should be available from the local parks and recreation department.


2. Scope out the neighbourhood


Go for a walk or drive around the area to see if there are any neighbors outside walking their dogs or notice cats sleeping in sunny windows.


Keep an eye out for signs the community welcomes furry family members. Do storeowners keep water bowls out in the summer and welcome leashed dogs into their stores? Are there nearby veterinary services, dog walkers or cat sitters?


3. Consider creature comforts inside and outside the home


Check the layout of the home and think about what would be needed to make your pet comfortable there. Are there too many stairs for an elderly pet to climb? Too many carpets to keep clean and hair-free? Or are the floors too slippery for a pet’s comfort?


Take a look at the outside of the home, too. Is there a place for your pet to run around? Is there a fence around the yard?


Perhaps an outdoor faucet is important for bathing your dog? If so, check to make sure the home has exterior faucets.


If your pet is an important member of your family, and you consider the above when looking for your next home, the extra considerations will be well worth it so long as it accommodates the needs and requirement of your pet.


Once you’ve done your due diligence, you can be sure your new home will be right for all your family members. At the end of the day, a happy pet translates to a happy owner.


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