Make location the top of your wish list

With home improvement and real estate television shows gaining popularity, potential home owners have access to a vast amount of information. Whether it be learning about the latest trends in flooring, countertops, home layout or even décor, the information is not only accessible but plentiful.

With all this information available at the click of a button, potential buyers begin to form concrete ideas of what they are looking for and can, at times lose sight of the bigger picture. While an open concept floor plan, new fixtures and updated appliances might be at the top of one’s wish list, real estate experts will often remind their clients of the old adage ‘location, location, location.’

“Every potential buyer has an idea of what they are looking for in a home,” says Cathy Rocca. “It’s part of what makes the search so exciting for many people, but it’s important to factor location into that wish list.”

The location of a home can have a positive or negative impact on the value of a home and it is possible to purchase the right home in the wrong location.

“Finding our clients a home in the perfect location is always a thrill for us,” said Tanya Rocca. “Whether it’s in their preferred neighbourhood, is within walking distance to their favourite shops, or if it offers a great view, we always want to get the location just right.”

So what should a home buyer do if they have found a home in their perfect location but it doesn’t meet every item on their list? Consider prioritizing what is most important and what are the absolute must-haves. Home owners can always alter a home’s layout, remove wallpaper and paint, and can easily replace fixtures and appliances, however you cannot move your home.

Looking for a home can be an emotional process, but by creating a clear outline of what is important in the home search, buyers will be able to see their housing needs as a bigger picture.

The Rocca Sisters have built a solid reputation for serving their clients with a high standard of professionalism. Their full service, highly responsive, executive team of professionals are deeply committed to providing timely, ethical and comprehensive guidance to your home buying experience.

Contact the Rocca Sisters & Associates today and let their personal approach and proven results surpass your expectations.

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