Sell your home fast, top dollar with our Staged and Sold action plan

We often become so familiar with our own homes that we overlook things that would be obvious to a potential buyer viewing it for the first time. Home staging has become an important tool to effectively sell homes as it focuses on improving a property and transforming it into an attractive product for sale.

Statistics show time and time again, that a properly staged home will sell for as much as ten per cent more than its unstaged counterpart and in some cases, ten times faster.

“You only have one chance to impress potential buyers,” says Cathy Rocca. “Buyer’s first impressions are formed as soon as they step inside your home.”

The Rocca Sisters are pioneers in this essential ingredient in the home-selling recipe. They don’t, however, just come in and fluff up your pillows. They have contracted a team of professional Stagers who will transform your home into a Buyer’s dream. Their stagers have a STAGED & SOLD® warehouse containing everything you will need to improve the staging of your home.

Here are some of the aspects The Rocca Sisters & Associates focus on when staging their client’s home in order to get it ready for a quick sale, and for top dollar:

CURB APPEAL The outside of your house is the first and last impression the potential buyer has of your home. You have a lot invested and they will help you to optimize its presentation.

DE-PERSONALIZE They will help you keep your keepsakes to a minimum. Remember, you want the potential buyer to imagine themselves living in your home, not to feel like a guest.

LET THE SUN SHINE IN They will show you how to optimize natural sunlight and how to prepare for showings.

FIX IT They have plenty of handy people that we will refer you to so that everything is working as it should.

PAINT IT They will let you know if the colours that your family enjoys are colours that will appeal to the vast majority of purchasers. If they are not, we will make recommendations to optimize purchase appeal.

CLEANLINESS A spotless house is the best way to communicate to potential buyers that your home has been taken care of.

STRATEGIC FURNITURE They will show you how to arrange your existing furniture so that space is optimized. Their stagers may add or remove furniture, if needed and at your comfort level.

SMELLS If present, they will provide you tips on how to mask strong smells that may not appeal to everyone. Enhancing a potential buyer’s experience in your home by way of subtle fragrance is a powerful tool.

DE-CLUTTER They will give a whole new meaning to this concept. They will do a room-by-room walk through and create a plan.

THE HUMAN TOUCH They still want potential buyers to know that someone is living in your home. We’ll show you how to add some human touches to enhance the livibility of your home.

“Staging highlights the full potential of your property by incorporating design techniques to create a lasting first impression,” says Tanya Rocca.

“We understand the importance of a first impression and the true benefits of staging, namely to maximize the selling price and minimize the number of days on the market,” says Cathy.

In order to ensure their clients’ receive a positive selling experience, The Rocca Sisters & Associates offers home staging as an added service available to all homeowners.

Contact The Rocca Sisters & Associates today for a free, no obligation assessment on the value of your home and let their personal approach and proven results surpass your expectations.

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