Benefits of downsizing

Have you noticed the shift towards smaller living spaces? More home buyers are looking to downsize in an effort to simplify their lives. Whether you and your partner experienced a career change, are empty nesters, or looking to simplify we can help.

Furthermore, as nationally recognized Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES) we are specially trained to lead senior clients in meeting their growing need to nurture a lifestyle change, as sensitive as, downsizing, selling or buying a home.

Below are some benefits to buying a smaller home:

Nothing weighing you down Big spaces require more furniture and decorative pieces to make them look full. Once you move to a smaller home you’ll only need to bring the furniture and decor that is necessary.

Less Upkeep

Without all the extra clutter there is less upkeep required including cleaning, maintenance and gardening. In a smaller home, residents often find that they have more time to spend with their families.

Cost Savings

Not only will the purchases price of your home be less but your energy costs will dip as well. Heating, cooling as well as water can make running a large home costly. Your decision to downsize will not only be eco-friendly, but you’ll be enjoying lower electricity bills, most significantly during the summer and winter months.

We are here to help you make this transition to a smaller home run smoothly. Over the years we enjoyed helping thousands of clients including seniors look for homes that are more suitable to their needs. We share our extensive knowledge with our clients and let them know how to best invest in real estate. This is just one of the many milestones we assist clients through.

For more information about downsizing to a smaller home, visit or call us directly at 905-335-4102. We look forward to providing you with an experience that is not just the best, but remarkable!


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