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Preparing Your Home for The Spring Market

January is now upon us, which also means the busy boom of the Spring real estate market is underway. While many home buyers and sellers are aware of the Spring Market, few are actually aware of when it begins. If you find yourself waiting until April to list your home, you will find that the season is already half over – and so are many potential offers from buyers that have already found their dream homes. As the #3 Team in Canada for Royal LePage out of over 14,500 agents nationwide (2013), we have compiled some of our quick proven steps to help you get your home “buyer-ready”.

 Curb Appeal – The outside of your house is the first and last impression the potential buyer has of your home. Be sure to keep your yard clean and well maintained. While the cooler winter weather is still here, make sure your driveway and walkways are kept clear of snow and ice. Once the warmer weather begins, take the time to ensure your lawn is neatly cut and trimmed, tidy around plant beds with new mulch, and remove any unsightly plants and debris. Make your front entry welcoming to guests with potted plants and clean patio furniture.

 Fresh Paint – Paint is a relatively quick and inexpensive way to give your home a complete transformation. Keep to neutral tones that appeal to the majority of home buyers. 

 Replace Old Fixtures & Appliances – This is an easy way to freshen up a room without a remodel. Replace dark and dated light fixtures, change old faucets and showerheads and replace your exhausted appliances. A home’s value can begin to decline in the buyer’s mind once they begin calculating the cost of replacing old, outdated appliances. 

 Clean, Clean, Clean – Make sure your home is de-cluttered and spotless. Clutter makes a room appear much smaller than it is. Also, a cluttered house gives off the impression that the home is not well cared for. Buyers may begin to ask “What other areas of the home may have been neglected?” Each of our listings receive free home staging by a professional stager to ensure your home is meeting its full potential. Statistics show that a properly staged home will sell for as much as 10% more than its unstaged counterpart and in some cases, 10 times faster. 

The most critical move you can make to ensure a quick and easy sale is to request a FREE home evaluation from Rocca Sisters & Associates. You will have two nationally ranked top-producing agents working for you to sell your home quickly and efficiently. We will ensure you get top dollar for your most valuable asset – we have the track record to prove it! To request an evaluation or for more tips on how to prepare your home for sale, don’t hesitate to call the Rocca Sisters & Associates office at 905-335-3042 or email us at Our personal approach and proven results will surpass your expectations!

Aldershot Market Update

After a year of ups and downs, Aldershot managed to hold onto one of the highest year over year increases in value in all of Burlington. By year end, Aldershot saw a 19% increase in average sale prices of freehold properties as compared to the same period last year. Sales were down only 3% and it was taking pretty much the same amount of time to sell.

Inventory levels at the start of the year were very low, under 25 freehold homes which suggests that we are in a very balanced market that is once again leaning in favour of the seller. Much of the existing inventory has been on the market for over 60 days suggesting that most properties are either over-priced or very unique.

Condos have also had an incredibly good year with a 15% increase in sale prices and an increase in sales of 19%. We have seen a huge investment in condo development in Aldershot so we expect those numbers to continue to rise.

There is absolutely no shortage of buyers looking to make Aldershot their home. If you are considering listing your home this Spring, the key to a successful sale will be pricing a property sharply, preparing the house so that it is as close to turnkey as possible and knowing when to buy first or sell first. It will be more important than ever for buyers and sellers to look to highly experienced and resourceful sales representatives once the decision to sell or buy is made.

The Pros & Cons of buying a home in winter

            When it’s chilly out, one would probably rather sit by the fire than go to open houses. One may even think the effort isn’t worth it because winter’s a bad time to buy. But there are pros and cons to house hunting in any season. Home buyers, shouldn’t be quick to pause their searches when the snow starts to fall, especially when current housing inventories are very low compared to demand.
Compared to the busier spring and summer seasons, home buyers face less competition from all-cash and investor buyers during winter. First-time home buyers are pushed out of the housing market because they can’t compete with higher bidders during warmer months. But, during winter, these house hunters are more likely to find the perfect pad. With less competition for homes, sellers may be willing to come down in price as well.   

Additionally, sellers can’t hide certain problems during winter – like whether the furnace works. One can also tell how well the gutters work by checking for icicles hanging from the house or ice puddles on walkways.
No season is the exact perfect time to find a home. There may be more homes on the market during spring and summer, but buyers face extra competition. First-time home buyers shouldn’t give up on their house hunt just because the weather turns cold. In fact, while other buyers are scared off, first timers may finally be able to bid on their dream homes. (from

Why not try our some of our quick proven steps to help you get your home “buyer-ready” this winter:

Curb Appeal – The exterior beauty of your home shouldn’t fade with the onset of the cooler weather. Curb appeal is always a crucial aspect of attracting buyers, even during the winter. Keep trees and shrubs neatly trimmed and remove all leaves and debris. Always keep your driveway and walkways cleared of snow and ice.

Replace Old Fixtures & Appliances –With less sunlight during the winter, it’s important to replace dated light fixtures and to add as much ambient lighting as possible. You should also change old faucets and showerheads and replace your exhausted appliances. A home’s value can begin to decline in the buyer’s mind once they begin calculating the cost of replacing old, outdated appliances.


Properly staging your home is proven to make a dramatic difference in both sale price and the number of days a home is on the market. This is why each of our listings receives free home staging by a professional stager whether it’s spring, summer, winter or fall. We are designated Accredited Staging Professionals and the trademarked owners of the powerful STAGED & SOLD brand. We will ensure your home is staged properly to showcase the best it has to offer a potential buyer. For more tips or to schedule a free, no obligation home evaluation please contact us at 905-335-4102 or email us at Our personal approach and proven results will surpass your expectations!


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