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The Importance of a Smoke-Free Home

Next week is National Non-Smoking Week and in honour of this campaign we thought it would be a good idea to discuss the importance of a smoke-free home and the impact smoking can have on a home’s resale value.

A 2013 survey of Ontario real estate agents and brokers, sponsored by Pfizer Canada, found that smoking in the home could lower the value of your property by up to 29 per cent.

When it comes to selling your home, buyers first impressions are critical for a quick sale. Many potential buyers are put off by a home that has been smoked in – the smell is difficult to get out and the discoloration on the walls & ceiling can be difficult to remove.

An overwhelming majority of Ontario real estate agents and brokers agreed that it is more challenging to sell a home where owners have smoked.

Were you aware that smoking can cause substantial, irreparable damage to the inside of your home? How, exactly, does cigarette smoke effect the home? First, smoke can stay in a room long after someone smokes there.  It settles on surfaces and builds up over time on electrical outlets, walls, ceilings, floors and furniture.  It can get into every nook and cranny of a home and can be quite costly to repair. The effect it has on your air conditioning system and furnaces could be severe if you don’t change your air filters regularly. The buildup of dust caused by smoke will be circulating the air, clogging up the air filters.  This will cause the unit to overwork and eventually breakdown.

So how do you maintain a smoke-free home? Never smoke inside your home. Create a comfortable place to smoke outdoors, and let guests know that your home is a smoke-free environment and show them an area that is suitable to smoke outside. In the event that you have smoked in your home, or are interested in a property that smokers occupy, with our extensive experience we have proven solutions to help bring a home that has been smoked in back to a better environment.

As Accredited Staging Professionals (ASP) and owners of the powerful trademarked STAGED & SOLD brand, we can provide you with inexpensive tips to help rid your home of odours so that your home can be sold faster and often at a higher price. For a free, no obligation home evaluation, please contact us directly at 905-332-4102 or email us at

Home decor: How to create a better bedroom


Photo: Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc. on (

Your bedroom, it’s a place that’s suppose to be your sanctuary — a peaceful space, seemingly dedicated to you. And yet there’s times when we can find our bedrooms looking anything but tranquil.

In the recent article titled, “Designer Tips for Creating a Better Bedroom,” Houzz contributor, Christine Tusher takes readers through an exciting list of items that can help you build a better bedroom.

First on this list is the rug. Tusher explains that there is nothing more jarring then jumping out of bed in the morning and having your feet hit the cold floor. Rugs placed strategically can add elegance to a bedroom, not to mention comfort to your feet. For the full article click: article.

Home decor trend watch: The black door


Photo: Tamara Anka on (

Next to real estate, home decor is a big passion of ours and we are consistently looking for new decor ideas that bring life and elegance to homes.

Over the weekend between family events and client appointments, we came across an interesting article titled, “11 Reasons to Paint Your Interior Door Black.” This intrigued us, as it’s something that is rarely seen in homes.

It seems like a radical idea but (alongside some photos for proof!), outlined the benefits of black doors. Noted first was that black doors are classy. They are elegant. A black door instantly adds sophistication to just about any room.

For the full article click: article.

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